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Russian muslim dating

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Ten years ago Milana, who’s originally from Orenburg and who has stunning good looks, swapped all these clothes for a black dress and hijab after converting to Islam.Before that, she loved parties and had a successful career as a stylist.

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And after a couple of months the manager told me that my services were no longer required,” Milana says. Nobody would rent an apartment in the centre [of Moscow] to me, and I was refused other accommodation.“He told me about Islam, asking me why I didn’t pray.I asked him what I needed to do, and he sent me a few prayers.I meet Milana (name changed at her request) in a cosy Moscow apartment.This is where she receives customers — she works as a hair stylist. Her wardrobe is full of clothes that highlight her figure as well as shoes from stilettos to trainers.That evening, a few friends and I partied in a club and the next day, I started reading hadith and didn’t leave the house.

A day later, I started searching for somebody who could teach me how to pray in person.

“People crossed themselves while sitting opposite me on the tram.

Some swore at me, others turned up their noses, insulted me, called me a fundamentalist,” she says of that time.

But it seems that despite their most faithful efforts, many of them don’t live happily ever after.

I decided to find out how these couples live — and whether they find happiness.

In modern Russia, there is a multitude of stories involving non-Muslim women marrying Muslim men— and a multitude of possible endings to those stories Milana got to know her future husband on Odnoklassniki, a popular social networking site. “My page on the site was completely blank — no photo, barely any information. ’”The man asked whether Milana was “jiakhilya”, explaining that this was somebody who didn’t fully observe the demands of their faith, which irritated her.