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Sabah dating

"Regardless of being federated to form Malaysia or not, Sabah was officially independent from Aug 31, 1963," he said.

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The Sarawak Government even enacted the departure of the British rulers on the riverbanks at Kuching as part of the celebrations.It marks the beginning of self-government and independence and the end of colonialism." It was the date that the powers, rights and privileges to decide the future destiny of Sabah were handed back to Sabahans, said Dr Jeffrey.However, he said this momentous date had been ignored for the past 50 years simply because Sabah was federated with Malaya, Sarawak and Singapore on Sept 16, 1963.They don’t know what to do with themselves because we are one unit. We have to plan everything in a certain way and have to take my dialysis into consideration whereas if we were a normal family we could do things when we wanted to. I have to keep an eye on what I am allowed to eat because I have to keep potassium low so that means no fries, no potato or tomato based food.I am also really restricted with how much fluid I can take each day too.She was the most amazing little girl that you would meet.

Losing her was a massive thing because I had never lost anyone close to me before.

Every Thursday at dialysis we would have a quiz or competition that the teenagers would do and also sitting next to your friend who was also having dialysis and talking are the things I miss most.

I do keep in touch with one of my friends from dialysis and so we use social media to chat and that has made it easier. We can’t go on holiday like my friends do because of my condition also sometimes when I am admitted to hospital the rest of the family feel a bit lost without me being there.

He said the correct history needs to be re-written and taught to the younger generation that Malaya gained independence on Aug 31, 1957, while Sarawak and Singapore gained theirs on July 22, 1963 and June 3, 1959, respectively, and that Malaysia was formed as a new nation on "Malaysia Day" on Sept16, 1963.

Dr Jeffrey, who is also Bingkor Assemblyman, said the significance of independence cannot be better said than by Sir William Goode, the last Governor of British North Borneo, on Aug 31, 1963 before departing at Jesselton port, who said: "Today is a historic day for Sabah.

She was then diagnosed with lung cancer and required chemotherapy followed by radiotherapy as well as the removal of half a lung.