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Areas of experience mapped include: the typical roles and characteristics of host teachers (those teachers who facilitate a student in their classroom); the factors which may have a negative influence on the host teacher-student relationship; the stress levels associated with school experience; the practical or organisational problems encountered in the classroom; and the benefits gained in terms of the students’ professional development.Within each main theme soundings have been made with research literature.

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The i Pad or i Pod has apps that can read printed materials to the student.Also the word chalkboard is used often and most schools do not utilize chalkboards anymore. Also typing devices like an alpha smart or i Pad will help with writing assignments."In simple terms, what experienced teachers are asked to do is to share their knowledge and skills with those starting out as teachers and to help them to acquire confidence and competence in their turn." (Teacher Education Partnership Handbook, 1998, p.6) Each year around 600 teachers act as hosts to students on school experience.The Subject-Specific Agenda - Suggestions by teachers were based around the subject area History as an example, and it was felt that the teachers should evaluate and develop the student's ability to: Research has identified fifteen characteristics associated with being a host teacher during school experience.Each of these characteristics are provided in the table below.The questionnaire examined teachers’ roles, attributes, and relationships with students, as well as practical problems encountered, including stress, benefits gained, usefulness of documentation provided, consideration of their views on students, and effects on their professional practice.

Five hundred and ninety-eight questionnaires were distributed and two hundred and seventy-four were completed and returned, resulting in a 46% response rate.

Click on either of the following links to submit and email to the School Office Secretary : Rhonda Hughes Research has identified seventeen roles associated with being a host teacher during school experience.

Each of these roles are provided in the table below.

The guidelines were based on suggestions made by teachers at a weekend residential in-service mentor training course run by the Department of Education at the University of Cambridge.

General Procedures - Suggestions by teachers included that they should: The General-Skills Agenda - Suggestions by teachers showed that they should promote the development of the student selectively in the preparation of lessons and teaching material by asking the student: Similarly, questions should be put to the student on: lesson participation; taking a lesson; classroom management; presentation of self; relationships with the class; language skills; among others.

Students usually have to challenge the 'ideal' between pupils liking the student (friend) and students having to establish their authority.