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In July 2015 I became ‘Philosopher in Residence’ with the newly established ministry (cf. Publication History Solo Publications ‘an invaluable text for Christians who wish to engage with philosophy.This isn’t the usual abstract overview, but rather provides the reader with a human experience where their commitment to Christ is nurtured and their needs as a learner are embraced whilst also achieving academic rigour.

‘Ethics in an Age of Science’ and ‘that’s a Good Argument’ conferences @ and in training presenters for these conferences.The book clearly shows the importance of philosophy for Christians, and the relevance of the Christian faith to philosophy.’ – Bjørn Hinderaker, Assistant Professor at Gimlekollen School of Journalism and Communication in Norway ‘This book is a highly accessible, stimulating introduction to logic, the nature of argument and philosophy written from a Christian perspective by an author who understands his subject and knows how to communicate it at the right level.This book, which is a delight to read and is full of useful references to books, articles, websites and other media, has the potential to de-mystify philosophy for a generation of young people and provide an excellent resource to enable them to articulate their faith…This is a savvy work of apologetics for our day.’ – Douglas Groothuis, Professor of Philosophy, Denver Seminary ‘Peter Williams gives five powerful reasons for thinking that God revealed himself in Jesus Christ…If you think there just might be something in Christianity, you need to read this book.’ – Dr Angus J. Menuge, Professor of Philosophy, Concordia University ‘Williams gathers diverse strands of apologetic argument to present them afresh in contemporary context.against all New Atheist claims to the contrary.’ – Professor John C.

Lennox, Fellow in Mathematics and Philosophy of Science at Green Templeton College, Oxford ‘ is an extremely well-researched book that is tightly argued, excellent in topic selection, deep in coverage yet readable in style.

With an eye to the alternatives, he drives his cumulative case home with intellectual verve.

This book is a challenge to disbelief, and encourages renewed confidence in understanding the reality of Jesus today.’ – Anna Robbins, Vice Principle and Senior Lecturer in Theology and Contemporary Culture, London School of Theology ‘Peter S.

I steered a major revamp of both conferences in 2011.

Since February 2009 I have been ‘Assistant Professor in Communication and Worldviews’ at Gimlekollen School of Journalism and Communication in Kristiansand, Norway.

Williams [marshalls] a huge amount of extant data and insight, into a conceptual framework which makes it easy to engage with.