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By age 49, 97% of the discs of those eating the standard American diet show at least grade 2 degradation.Cholesterol plaques in the walls of the aorta can obliterate the orifices of lumbar and middle sacral arteries and may decrease blood supply of the lumbar spine and its surrounding structures.

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Although disc degeneration has multiple causal factors, with genetic, occupational, and mechanical influences, alteration in nutrition has been proposed as the final common pathway.

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Mechanical factors, such as lifting and carrying, probably do not play a major role in the disease. I’ve touched on it before; atherosclerosis can obstruct the arteries that feed the spine and this diminished blood flow can result in various back problems.

Now we have MRI imaging that can show the occlusion of spinal arteries in people with back pain, and the degeneration of the discs.

Those with narrowed arteries appear about eight and a half times more likely to have suffered from chronic back pain. The discs in our lower back are the largest avascular tissue in the body, meaning our discs don’t have any blood vessels.