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At that time, it's fair to say Goldsmith was a sex maniac.' Mistresses Well, that could be said of most other times in his life, too.

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The experience shattered the 24-year-old woman, who was already deeply religious.There were three marriages for James and lots of mistresses. The background The difficulty for rumourmongers is that at the time of Diana's conception, in October 1960, the lives of her mother and James Goldsmith could not have been more different and they could hardly have lived farther apart.He came from a red-blooded school of playboys who had no idea what political correctness meant: he took what he wanted, how he wanted, when he wanted. During the early months of the year, Frances, living a rural existence at Park House, Sandringham, was heavily pregnant with her third child, a boy.Depression 'During that year, 1960, Frances barely left Norfolk,' one of her close friends told me.'She was depressed, wrapped up in herself, constantly worried that she had let her husband down, desperate to become pregnant once more.' Compare this picture of rural gloom with James Goldsmith's sunsplashed life.Could it be, perchance, the starcrossed lovers met on a train?

But here is the crucial thing - Frances just wasn't James's type.

'James had never lost his appetite for beautiful girls and he had no intention of concealing it.' And when James wasn't womanising, travelling or tycooning, he was gambling at London's Clermont Club.

In the month when Frances became pregnant with Diana, James was shuttling back and forth from Paris to London.

And Frances knew it - no matter where she turned, she was reminded of the Spencer family's 200-year-old peerage and her responsibility to further the line.

As soon as possible, the Althorps resumed marital relations and, within weeks, Frances was pregnant again.

She just wasn't like that.' Rumours James, on the other hand, was.