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This workshop marked the first time that Libyan archaeologists, police, and customs agents had ever participated in a joint training exercise.

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As soon as I heard about this, I obviously had to chat with him.A series of international meetings on Libya’s cultural heritage have been held since the 2011 revolution—most recently in June 2016 when UNESCO, with the support of the US Embassy Tripoli, convened a meeting in Tunis of all foreign archaeological missions working in Libya and a group of Libyan archaeologists and community leaders to discuss the current state of affairs in the country.All participants expressed their concern about the fragility of Libyan cultural heritage and final recommendations focused on securing heritage sites and collections, strengthening the legal and institutional framework for the protection of heritage, and increasing the awareness of and support for heritage by the national and local publics within Libya.A major land-grab is underway that is causing more damage to archaeological sites than all the events of the 2011 revolution and its aftermath.Libya’s vast landscape contains impressive cultural heritage, including five UNESCO World Heritage sites.The World Heritage site of Tadrart Acacus, a massif located in the far southwest of the country, features thousands of rock-art sites, some dating as early as 12,000 BC.

During the Gaddafi regime, Libya’s pre-Arab cultural heritage was not a priority.

The second scenario was a border crossing exercise that involved a car carrying stolen antiquities.

As part of the exercise, participants needed to search the car, collect any relevant evidence (including evidence stored on a mobile phone), and interview the driver.

The workshop also provided an opportunity for extended discussion about the difficult situation in Libya.

Many of these conversations could provide no easy answers for productive action at a time when Libya is still gripped with profound instability.

One group searched the car so thoroughly that they produced multiple examples of “evidence” that had not been planted by the instructors.