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Prior to that he was executive news editor at e Week and news editor at Baseline.

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Perhaps, if you’re the skittish type, you might even temporarily feel a lack of control over your bodily functions. And it should not be a career-damaging moment for a widely respected prosecutor.Including: •The proposal to allow open carry of firearms in the county administration building. (Find Ivan Foley on Twitter @ivanfoley, find him on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and You Tube. Watch him on Landmark Live every Thursday night at 6 p.m.•County officeholders voting their elected positions a pay raise effective 2019. on Facebook) A big day in Kansas City on Tuesday as voters head to the polls to decide the fate of the proposed new single terminal KCI Airport.Remember in last week’s column when I speculated this week would be nutty? ****** For up to 16 hours (a little less than that if you count the lunch breaks) testimony was given in the ethics complaint against Platte County Prosecutor Eric Zahnd by John O’Connor, a criminal defense attorney.As you’ll see in our report on the front page, the hearing was held in a meeting room at City Hall in Platte City.****** You’ll want to catch Landmark Live this week on our Facebook page at County Landmark.

The three county commissioners will be our guests, and boy are there some topics we can touch on. You know, to humanize the electeds for the folks at home.

In the hearing this week, Zahnd said putting the names of prominent members of the community in the press release would send the message that members of the community with influence--Paden had been chief of the Dearborn Fire Department and was active in the community in other ways--are not above the law and not entitled to light sentencing for their perceived “good deeds” in the community.

Zahnd said--and I can personally vouch for him on this--that he has always been a supporter of the fact that our courts are open and transparent.

Public information is public information, after all.

And if you happen to believe our court system should not be an open, transparent process, then I can’t help you--your opinion is a dangerous one to all of us, including to yourself.

The details of that abuse, which I won’ t go into here, are sickening.