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36-hour rally with a pm static start in Port Dover. Also includes an all-you-can-eat dinner buffet and awards banquet beginning at am.

Bikers, trikers, scooters and friends gather at the Wincey Mills from 6-9pm for live entertainment, showing off your wheels and hitting the BBQ (BBQ proceeds to support Big Brothers Big Sisters of Grand Erie). Region: Hamilton, Halton and Brant 12, Friday the 13th, Port Dover, ON The lucky day only occurs twice this year, better make this one count.

If you call yourself a biker but don't know what this world-famous event is all about, you've got some reading to do. Region: Ontario's Southwest Recommended Route: Friday the 13th Route 13-15, Lobo Loco Halloween Horror Rally, Port Dover, ON Our season finale rally is going to be over the top!

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The scavenger hunt will run for a full 36 hours, but don't fear...