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Issues like blast-related reading and hearing impairments, or feelings of intense discomfort when a well-meaning professor puts them on the spot to discuss his/her world views, or their struggles to manage intrusive memories of deployment while sitting still in a windowless classroom, can be incredibly challenging and fatiguing to these men and women.

Returning military personnel come from all over, and are a rainbow of colors, shapes, religions, sexual orientation, and political views.It will benefit everyone if you open yourself to the enriching experience of listening closely to what they reveal about themselves and their lives.Victims are people who feel no control over their lives and perceive themselves as being at the mercy of others.And, once they can accept the adjustments, academic life often gets significantly easier.When a service member is discharged from the military, it’s aptly termed “separation” and it comes with all the heartbreak and disorientation that being torn from one’s tribe brings.They just spent the last several years inextricably tied to some type of social system, whether it was a brigade, battalion, company, platoon, squad, team, or just one on one with a battle buddy. Now, suddenly they’re no longer attached to those systems, and the feeling of vulnerability can be terrifying.

The loss of friendships, purpose, identity, structure, and income is enough to push most people to their limits.

Even when student veterans are psychologically struggling or physically wounded, they see themselves as powerful warriors.

This is part of the reason it’s difficult for them to seek appropriate accommodations in the classroom.

How can they acknowledge the change in their functioning as a disability and still maintain their identity as a strong soldier living by the Warrior Ethos?

Framing these accommodations as “adaptations” that many people need, not just veterans, helps this internal struggle.

With our military out of Iraq, and funding for global military operations on the decline, thousands of newly discharged men and women are trying to figure out “What’s next?