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Sex chats in lagos

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During the conversation, she could not help complaining about how unprofitable the trade had become as she tried to explain why so many of her colleagues who used to parade the streets were not available. ” switching to fluent English she continued, “Most of us on the streets are not happy to be here.

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Our correspondents learnt that in the days of plenty customers, Lagos sex workers hardly showed patience with any customer, whom they suspected did not have any interest in obtaining their service.At a brothel situated at the top floor of a three-storey building around the Ojuelegba Bus Stop, at least 15 sex workers mill around the place per night.It was learnt that the preference of these young ladies was “short-time” for which they charge between N1,000 and N1,500.BB PIN Nigeria is a new Facebook Page created to bring Blackberry users together in a way that will facilitate friendship and promote unity among Nigerian Blackberry users.All you just need to do, is to visit the Page, Click on “Like” and Post your BB Pin on the wall.“I pray that the Lord that took Sade out of the street would also favour me,” she said.

When asked how much would be needed to take her off the street, her eyes suddenly lit up and she said, “Bros, If I see a job that pays N45,000, I’ll stop this hustle.” But it turned out that like others met earlier, many if the ladies shared the same feeling.

“I won’t have to pay for the daily room charge to Sisi Mi (apparently, the sobriquet of her madam).

Even if I do short-time and I don’t use the room, we do it beside a wall or on the boot of your car, so far as I go back to the room this night, I will still have to pay,” she said.

Before the dark cloud of economic crisis descended on the sex trade in Lagos, sex workers in the city charged between N10,000 and N20,000 for an overnight service depending on a customer’s bargaining power.

Tania readily agreed to N5,000 but she added the caveat that our correspondent must buy her a plate of food on the way home.

I am using this opportunity to introduce “BB PIN (Nigeria)” to you.