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The first person I interviewed was Gaia Steinberg, 24, from Israel. She’s an activist in the feminist, sex-positive, and asexual communities. He has been in a leader and activist in asexual community for ten years, was active in campaigns to take asexuality out of the DSM, and was featured in the documentary Asexual people are not a monolith, but I asked Gaia and David to tell me about their own experiences with the community as a whole and their own personal understanding of dating while asexual.

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This is not trickery; it’s waiting to reveal a marginalized identity until trust has been established.David thinks that there’s something wrong with how we talk and think about intimate relationships.He thinks considering people single if they don’t have a certain kind of relationship is hurtful.However, something that still confuses people is how asexual people navigate dating!So, in order to demystify this concept for people, I spoke with two asexual activists in order to try to better understand dating in the asexual community.The traditional dinner-and-a-movie trope feels false to him; it feels like it’s based on metaphors that don’t describe his personal experience of intimacy.

Dating as a social institution can seem very flawed to asexuals.

David’s relationships sometimes look like dating sometimes, but not always.

Intimate relationships are incredibly important to him, romantic relationships less so.

Important steps towards receiving forgiveness and cleansing from the past and how to move on into wholeness and holiness.

There will be a ministry night affording the opportunity to respond to the teaching and receive personal prayer ministry.

Also covered are: Sexual relationships involve our body, soul and spirit.