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We also offer mediation services if we do not represent either party in a legal capacity.

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I have been involved in Rhode Island Divorces since 1978.Rhode Island law requires that the Plaintiff must serve the Defendant with the Complaint so that he or she has adequate official notice.Service can be obtained a number of ways: delivery by a sheriff or constable, or certified mail (if the Defendant lives out of state).At least one party must have resided in Rhode Island for at least one year immediately before the filing of the Complaint.If you do not meet that requirement but need the relief provided through the Court system, there is still a method to obtain relief concerning certain issues.The most common method of service in our office is for a private process server (constable) to present the Complaint to the Defendant at work or at home or at a mutually agreeable place, often our conveniently located office.

We often attempt to serve the Defendant at a place unlikely to cause further embarrassment avoiding unnecessary alienation.

Based upon our discussions with you and the information you provide to us, we will file the requisite legal documents with the court. During a no-fault divorce, either party can still point to "fault" issues in negotiating an equitable distribution or spousal support.

In order for a Rhode Island court to have jurisdiction to grant a divorce, you must satisfy the state's residency requirement.

After the Complaint has been filed and served, the Defendant has twenty day in which to respond to the Complaint by filing an "Answer" with the court, with a copy to the Plaintiff's attorney.

The Answer may include a Counterclaim for divorce; a Counterclaim for Divorce is simply the Defendant also asking the court to award a divorce to the Defendant as well as to the Plaintiff.

We also realize that the needs and expectations may be different in a Baby-Boomer's divorce, a Gen X divorce or a Millennium divorce.