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Comprising about a half-million acres, it was mostly reedy, uninhabited swamp during historical times, although the last glacier left islands of higher ground.

One applicant was 21-year-old Samuel Birley Rowbotham.Construction began on a large community building on the canal bank, and Rowbotham beat the bushes for colonists. The first recruits arrived at Manea Fen at about Christmas of 1838.As one disgusted socialist later described it, “They immediately commenced finding fault with one another and with everything about them.” [ref.Rowbotham got the job, and the two began organizing the community.Most Owenite leaders feared Hodson’s community would be too small to survive, and the National Community Friendly Society never endorsed the project.Now, less than a year later, it was torn by dissension, and most of the colonists were assembled to forcibly expel Rowbotham from office.

The headquarters of the Cambridgeshire Community stood on the east bank of the Old Bedford Canal, just north of Welche’s Dam.

The canal runs perfectly straight and unobstructed from Welche’s Dam northeast to Welney Bridge, a distance of about six miles.

In their spare time, Secretary Rowbotham and some like-minded colonists performed experiments on this stretch of the canal to determine the curvature of the waters. Armed with this experimental evidence and a long list of scriptures, Rowbotham had attempted to impose upon the colony the doctrine that the earth is flat. The Fens district of England lies south of the Wash, a silted-up bay of the North Sea.

When William Hodson met Rowbotham to discuss his plans for the colony, he was immediately impressed by the young man.

Orthodox Owenites tended to be freethinkers, but the former minister found that Rowbotham combined Christian piety with socialist enthusiasm.

In 1634, Francis, Earl of Bedford, formed a consortium to drain this area, now known as the Bedford Level.