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Voter turnout in Malta has traditionally been high, with generally more than nine-tenths of eligible voters casting ballots.Between 19, Malta’s main defense dispositions were those contained in a 1964 agreement with the United Kingdom guaranteeing mutual assistance.

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The president acts on the advice of the cabinet, which is headed by the Local government was established in Malta in 1993.(Partit Nazzjonalista; PN) and the Malta Labour Party (Partit Laburista; MLP), have alternated in power.The Democratic Alternative (Alternattiva Demokratika; AD), also known as the Maltese Green Party, is Malta’s third party but has not secured a parliamentary seat since its founding in 1989.In January 1987 these acts were consolidated into the Social Security Act.From the early 1970s until the mid-1980s, the government radically altered the education system, which was previously structured on British models and strongly influenced by the Roman Catholic Church.State hospitals and clinics are complemented by private hospitals, which have proliferated since the 1990s.

Since 1988 the island of Malta has been home to the United Nations International Institute on Ageing (INIA), which has made the island a centre of geriatric care and research.

In 1956 was introduced to cover employees, the self-employed, and unemployed persons.

A comprehensive contributory insurance scheme was introduced in 1972, integrating a variety of earlier legislation.

Ta' Philip ( Just ask the waiter to rustle up a bit of everything - lots of Maltese bread, rabbit among other meats and some local wine.

You'll even get a shot of liqueur to top it all off... Gozo is particularly inviting if you're looking to de-stress - quiet, tranquil, with spectacular scenery no matter what way you look.

The country is divided into 68 localities, 14 of which are in Gozo.