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Japan's ageing society and decreasing young population have military recruiters struggling to hire new service men and women to sustain the 225,000-strong forces.In a fresh solution, they had some of their service women put on miniskirts, lick on ice creams and jump while smiling in front of their equipment while having their photo taken.

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Soldiers were directed to pose like pop stars or fashion models in or out of uniform to maximize their charm, some even going shirtless.Enchanting costumes are a rich part of our history that came to life with the Masquerade Balls of the 16th Century Renaissance.Masquerade balls were elaborate costumed dances held for members of the upper classes.Yasushi Kojima, Lieutenant Commander and a public relations officer of the maritime force, said even soldiers need to be "cute" to make young people aspire to join."I think this approach definitely helps our message to be delivered to the younger generation.The popularity of the costumed masquerade festivities grew beyond the balls and into other genres such as weddings, birthdays and holidays.

The masks served both as a fashion expression and as a means of escaping their day to day lives.

The balls often had different themes and involved games or activities such as dressing up to be completely unidentifiable.

Because no one could tell who you were behind the mask, you could gossip, flirt and engage in conversation with those below your social station.

Women today still revel in the sensuality and intrigue a masked costume can give.

Whether for the Halloween holiday or a more personal intimate setting, a sexy costume can bring the perfect fantasy to life.

Over 16,000 albums were sold since it was published in May, and the publisher Takeshobo says that this is "not bad" for a non-celebrity genre.