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Shortlist dating apps

“Especially get away from your family, from people who have expectations of you. The sanest thought any young man can have is: ‘I am outta here’.” I like the idea that in the age of seamless, one-click consumerism the one thing we actually want isn’t a bigger TV or a gold-plated sex drone, it’s experience of the wider world.“I tend not to judge a young man by the way he behaves towards me,” says Theroux.

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“People grow up putting everything on Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram. It's acceptable to be more open now.” The Rock, our planet’s most masculine lifeform, specialises in ultra-positive, self-help tirades that reveal his biggest muscle to be not his bicep but (pause for You Tube-friendly effect) “Social media has helped make people a bit more insecure so they seek out help and inspiration from those people that influence them,” says Hacking.A few weeks earlier I had tried to give my number to a girl in a cinema café in Brixton.I wrote it on a postcard I’d been using as a bookmark.She said she had a boyfriend, but wanted to keep the postcard. My Tinder date was a master’s student from Valencia called Anna (her name wasn’t really Anna, of course, I’m not a sociopath).When I arrived at the appointed meeting place, she told me I was far more handsome IRL (“in real life”) than my pictures suggested.According to Sean Rad, the co-founder who launched Tinder in late 2012, the service was invented for people like me.

“It was really a way to overcome my own problems,” he told the editor of at an event in London last month.

I asked legendary writer and world traveler Paul Theroux for his opinions on the matter.

"Go away and leave home,” he says when I ask him what advice he has for young men.

Goodness is also reflected back at us by the brands we engage with.

Forbes reported just this year that marketers have woken up to the fact that “snark” (the kind of knowing sarcasm that saturated advertising a decade ago) resonates extremely badly with today’s consumers.

“I judge them by how he treats women, fellow workers, strangers, or people in the countries where he might be travelling.