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Simplepie not updating

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I think this has to do with parsing/compressing the url inside Simple Pie Class.

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Your makefile above seems to simply force simplepie into the libraries module come what may... So a workaround like to download an unnecessary library to get rid of the notice is not a solution.Just after this else loop else //function to strip invalid xml chars from fetched feed $data = Simple Pie_Misc::strip Invalid Xml($data); I checked out the feed and its a valid feed. feed=rss2 If you can enable xml_dump and check the output for errors.Also Simplepie Demo on the site is parsing it perfectly fine. Many times for me the issue has been that simplepie was not able to access the feed or was redirected by server to some other page.And I like my status reports green :-) Bug instead of moving code to a submodule, perhaps another way to solve this could be to add a check to feeds_library_exists() that detects whether any Simple Pie parsers even exist?That way, the requirement would only be triggered (probably as REQUIREMENT_ERROR now) if the library is actually supposed to be there.Simple Pie Not installed Simple Pie library is required for Feeds Simple Pie Parser.

Download the compiled version of the library from Simple Pie download page.

I checked the file and just as i thought the feed url is parsed wrong.

Here is the curl request info array(20) The url is given to curl in encoded form and thus request sent is redirected by server to HTML page. feed=rss2 to the parser and Simplepie will work just fine.

Another approach would be to simply remove it from hook_requirements() altogether and instead present a drupal_set_message() on the Feeds admin page if Simple Pie is missing and you are about to create Simple Pie feed.solution #9 did not clear the the status board.

This did not work for me /var/www/html/drupal/sites/all/modules/libraries/simplepie -rw-r--r--.

If more modules start adding their own warning messages for unused features, the system status-page will become impossible to use. Sorry to clutter this queue, but until a more sensible approach is applied to Feeds, and for those (like me) that find it hard to put all the pieces together, here you go: 1.