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Skyrim quest log not updating

skyrim quest log not updating-24

Clarke , April 01, 2012 - AM I just realized I ran into this same exact problem too and wanted to see if anyone had an answer. So what I'm gonna have to do is drop all of my gear off at my house, commit a small crime, and have the guards confiscate all of my stolen goods, so I can be rid of that annoying "stolen" Amulet of Mara that is stacked on top. And I just tried pulling out 30 Giant Toes and 30 Wheat I had to start leveling up my alchemy, only to notice that it wouldn't let me even USE ANY TOES for alchemy combinations since ONE is needed for some random quest. :-) Hello, So I am having much difficulty with the Book of Love quest.

If when you kill the animal the notification message saying "(Animal name) Killed" doesn't show in the top left corner of the screen, chances are it's an animal added by a mod and not put into vanilla factions/races. Lastly if the animal is a vanilla animal that fits the criteria it could be a mod conflict.I know it's because I killed the jarls housecarl for one of the brotherhood missions. I heard that you get a letter from the jarl in a dlc but I don't know if that'll work or not. Buying Hearthfire might work, since you'll have to be Thane of Falkreath in order to build your home. If you are playing on pc you can just add the following command through console (click on the Jarl) player.setrelationshiprank 00019822 2Another possibility is to replace the Jarl by siding with the Stormcloaks, this however requires you to give the Jagged Crown to Ulfric instead of Tullius and by progression through the quests replace Siddgeir with his Uncle and get a clean slate.Here you'll find a list of the most commonly asked questions.Skyrim Redone, commonly referred to as Sky Re, is a mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, created by T3nd0.It drastically overhauls how the game is played, with new skill trees and game rebalancing. The new combat system heavily relies on stamina (and to a lesser extent health) and requires using more tactics, especially in combination with other modules.I even go to the spot where I am suppossed to find the ghost, but nothign appears... As far as the ghost (Ruki) not appearing, that might not even be associated with the amulet issue.

The amulet thing may not even matter, since there's a known bug when the ghost does not appear regardless. Another possible fix for this bug appears to be removing the Amulet of Mara, after speaking to Fenrig and travelling back to Ruki.

The patch will apply automatically through Steam, and adds some behind the scenes support for the incoming Skyrim Workshop .

According to yesterday's Skyrim Creation Kit trailer , that'll be arriving soon.

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If Fenrig disappears and you are unable to interact with Ruki, enter the items menu, remove the amulet and then exit the menu.