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Sooner dating

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They really cared about the message of the movie, which was not an overt in-your-face thing, while at the same time understanding how eager many girls are to grow up at that age.

List of members Come and chat to find your perfect match and make new friendships all over the world.Remembering what it was like to be 13 and the whole world was ahead of you.I think there are so many reasons why I love this movie. It has that kind of after school special meets feature film look to it.It completely matched my teenaged fantasies of sweet, gentle, interesting — and let's face it — hot — "older" guys.Just ordered it from CD Universe about a month ago, and have given it about four whirls in the two weeks since.As somebody mentioned — I'm haunted by it.

As somebody else mentioned — I think it's part of a midlife crisis as well!

Online dating for the price of one meeting Think about how much you spend on a night out.

Or how much two movie tickets and a bag of popcorn costs.

Being 39 and realizing how much has changed since those simpler '70s times when girls of 13 actually did take buses and go to malls together and had a lot more freedom away from the confines of modern suburbia makes me sad for my daughter — who is nearly 13 herself.

Thirteen back then was in many ways a lot more grown up.

Even though it is sooo cheesy and pop culture like, there is something real about it. I something I really miss with todays "teen" films.