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Sophia bush dating lafferty

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Nathan's transition has been noted as one of the most remarkable on One Tree Hill; he goes from your typical high school jerk to a man who'd do anything for the people he loves.

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The name James was chosen to honor Haley's parents and as a reminder that Haley will always be, Haley (James) - Scott.After graduation from Tree Hill High School, Nathan is tragically hurt in an accident during a fight and is put into a wheelchair, unfortunately not being able to join the Seattle Sonics.He began rehabilitation in his training for basketball with the help of Quentin Fields, who is later murdered at a gas station by an unknown suspect.They share the same father, Dan Scott, and even more tension as Lucas joins the Ravens varsity basketball team, on which Nathan was the star player.Nathan believes Lucas is intentionally doing this to take everything Nathan has from him: basketball and his girlfriend, Peyton.He then was recruited by the Charlston Chiefs before later being drafted into the NBA for the Charlotte Bobcats.

After having trouble dealing with back pain, he is left with no choice but to resign, and then decides to take on basketball as a sports agent.

Nathan is known as a very great father over the years to Jamie, and to his daughter, Lydia Bob Scott.

After learning that Jamie was kidnapped in season 5 at Lucas' failed wedding to Lindsey, he jumps in front of a police car, almost killing himself, in order to get help to bring his son home.

With the free time, Dan decides to take Nathan on a father-son outing to a resort - but it ends badly as Dan has not seemed to change and is still bullying Nathan to do better.

Things at the Scott household are more tense than ever, and they soon turn to a family therapist.

He talks her into tutoring him, but Haley has two conditions: Lucas doesn't ever find out and he stops harassing Lucas.