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Speed dating advice body language

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# If you can’t remember the person who emailed you, don’t be shy to ask them for a bit more info – ask for a photo.Explain that the evening was overwhelming and that you didn’t make proper notes.

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A simple and quick, “Thanks for your email, but unfortunately I’m not interested in pursuing the connection.” is sufficient.Guegen’s previous research has shown that this can improve the success of romantic requests for a dance or phone number.Oh and for good measure, this earlier research suggests you should ask your opposite-sex friends to smile at you!Sometimes, we live in our own worlds and have trouble seeing ourselves from other peoples’ perspectives.It’s a pretty common theme these days and understandable; we tend to live more self-contained lives when we’re in the big city.So, we at 25thought it would be fitting to put together some Contact Email Etiquette to help you guys be more effective and progress to the next step – aka the First “Real” Date!

**Contact Email Etiquette:** # Make sure you remember who it is you’re writing to.

And PLEASE, make sure you address the person with their correct name – it’s game over immediately if you mess that one up!

# Help them out by making sure they remember who YOU are.

Women hoping to appeal to speed-dating partners should try subtly mimicking the words and body-language of their dates.

That’s according to Nicholas Gueguen whose new study shows that women who mimic are rated by men as more sexually attractive.

There’s nothing worse than being ignored and not getting simple closure, as insignificant as it may seem to you.