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Speed dating flashback

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As the day in Ebisu winded down, I took the Yamanote to Shibuya, got off and walked around. That burger was delicious but those fries were literally from another planet. The way the cheese was so evenly melted on the cheese and the bacon slapped on top with the ketchup to finish it off. I haven’t had fries that looked or tasted that good since.I happened upon an Outback Steakhouse, where I ordered a burger and bacon cheese fries. I was so taken back by the presentation that I took a picture of the fries before I dove into them. Even in my trips to French Fry Heaven or me making my own fries at home, I haven’t been able to replicate that presentation or taste.

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by Bryan (Wyoming) Question: I have always heard these are not very well liked. Personally i enjoy a good prologue (one that isn't just a 50 page info dump.) And I find flashbacks to be a fun way of doing a reveal or hint about something important.In the example you give, I assume this is a flashback to an earlier event the MC's life?An alternative would be to simply start the story earlier in her timeline.So far in two chapters (three if you count the prologue, but that's more about her meeting said villain.) She has stated that her goal is vengeance but hasn't said who she wants to kill.So at this point the reader has an idea that he is the villain but nothing confirmed.However, you can point to any number of successful novels that employ these techniques.

In fact, name any "rule" about writing and you can find successful books where that rule has been broken.

Now i plan to reveal that relationship and what lead to her wanting revenge with flashbacks and dialog throughout the first act.

(Her goal of act one is to find one of the villains other minions who has fallen out of favor)Here is an example of the first flashback--The bubbling of the river water lulled her into an awakening dream. The smell of burning bodies and battle lingered--Anger welled from deep within her body and her hand gripped at the scar.

The important thing is to build the strengths first. I believe the reason these techniques are frowned on is because they take the focus away from the main character and his/her present dilemma.

Prologues usually present the first event (either the inciting incident or first signpost) of the overall story throughline.

The story is in 3rd person mostly told inside the head of my main character.