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Unfortunately as a result these aren’t always very meaningful.

Finally, that same agenda only features two items of significance and these are closely related.In a similar manner, Tf L Underground rolling stock capacity work is now centered around the amorphous names of “New Tube for London”, “Four Lines Modernisation” and “World Class Capacity”.World Class Capacity is in fact Tf L’s project to combine upgrades on the Jubilee, Northern and Victoria lines.The changes on the Victoria line may not have been dramatic but they been continual and, even if change has been gradual and incremental over many years, the line is a vast improvement on what it was just five years ago.Currently the Victoria line runs trains every 105 seconds in the peak between Brixton and Seven Sisters.We will look at plans for the World Class Capacity lines in order of complexity and issues involved.

This means starting with the Victoria line and then looking at the relatively innocuous plans for the Jubilee, before wading into the issues involving the Northern.

This rounds down to 34tph but is actually slightly better than that – 34.28tph.

Indeed work last August to improve turnout speed at Walthamstow Central crossover means that the only thing that appears to be preventing running 34tph throughout the line is the current renewal of escalators at Walthamstow Central.

It is also notable that the previous Finance & Policy Committee meeting was held on 16th February, whilst the Rail & Underground Panel is meeting on 24th February and the Finance & Policy Committee is meeting yet again on the 2nd March.

The Tf L board, meanwhile, is due to meet on the 17th March.

Clearly this won’t improve capacity into central London (as the trains would fill up anyway further down the line) but it will make the line easier to operate and provide a better service to those who board and alight east of Seven Sisters.