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Speed dating queenstown

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) is an unofficial accolade given to the passenger liner crossing the Atlantic Ocean in regular service with the record highest speed.

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Of the 35 Atlantic liners to hold the Blue Riband, 25 were British, followed by five German, three American, as well as one each from Italy and France.That's fine if you speak Japanese, but the majority of people visiting New Zealand don't, including me.It also makes a loud beep every time you start the car. However, the car didn't break down, it got good gas mileage and despite plenty of wet weather I didn't hydroplane with the worn tires. We swung by the office the next day to handle the paperwork.ERa C Queenstown inform me my car is provided by Scotty's and I have to call them. A guy comes over and collects some other travelers.Scotty's says they are overbooked but they have arranged for another company, Hitch, to provide a car. Now feeling quite cold, I message the driver and he asks where I am.Luckily, they fixed the issue and we were charged the correct amount. Economy Rent a Car (ERa C) turns out to be more of a broker and contracts other rental companies to provide cars.

I arrive in Queenstown where I'm supposed to pick up my car at the terminal, but there is no counter for ERa C.

Turns out it's a six or so years old car with 70,000 miles on it, it's dirty and with plenty of nicks and scuffs and a big stain in the trunk.

I can live with that, but asks if he has another compact car which is what I reserved.

I wait for 25 minutes while he handles the other customers, talks on the phone and directs his staff.

So, he doesn't have the car type I reserved but immediately offers to upsell me to a Prius.

The world-famous Queenstown jet boat ride, Shotover Jet is the ultimate in water sports excitement, and has been thrilling millions of people since hitting the crystal clear waters of New Zealand in 1965.