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Speed graphic camera dating

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Toyo liked it so much of it they bought the rights to remanufacture it in the 70's for the Japanese home market.

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Whether it was actually made for the Super or the previous Pacemaker series I don't know, but it fits. As hard as they are to find now, the best solution seems to make one to use the Linhof Technika variable 90-360 viewfinder.Just replace the Graflex viewfinder mount on the top of the camera with one from a Technika. While Tech viewfinders are not so hard to find used for about $175, the mounting hardware is. This means you may NOT copy and re-use the text or the pictures in ANY other internet or printed publication of ANY kind.The way I see it, whoever designed them must have had a rather dark sense of humor.I know one photog who had his Super for five years before he found out how to swing the lens---and then it was by accident!There are numerous charts on the web for doing this lookup.

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, one for the Super Graphic, and one for the Pacemaker Graphic, popularly called the "Top Mounted Rangefinder" Speed or Crown Graphic.

The Super Graphic cams are larger, and are strangely NOT labeled with focal length of the lens.

Parallax is controlled by a distance dial at the back.

Interchangeable masks on the front of the viewfinder change the field of view to fit the lens in use, although they are hard to find today.

If you are the proud owner of a Super who for years wondered how the front standard works, this knowledge is worth at least $10,000---but I'll settle for only $100. Here's the lowdown: though the electrical engineers out there will undoubtedly want to get them working again.