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Straight women dating gay men

So until that's the norm, take it from me: You and the porn you watch are great!

55% of gay men reported having watched straight porn in the last six months.21% of straight men reported having watched gay porn in the same time frame.Bringing up the ranks, 96% bisexual men reported having watched gay porn over the last six months.I'm a bisexual woman, but when it comes to the kind of pornography I watch I'm almost exclusively interested in lesbian porn. In fact, according to Kinsey I'm probably more straight than I am gay.That said, when it comes to porn consumption I prefer watching lesbian sex.In it, Ward explored various subcultures in which what could be called “straight homosexual sex” abounds — not just in the ones you’d expect, like the military and fraternities, but also biker gangs and conservative suburban neighborhoods — to better understand how the participants in these encounters experienced and explained their attractions, identities, and rendezvous.

But not all straight MSM have gotten the same level of research attention.

The specific type of sex the participants had with other men—bud-sex—cemented their rural masculinity and heterosexuality, and distinguishes them from other MSM.

This idea of homosexual sex cementing heterosexuality and traditional, rural masculinity certainly feels counterintuitive, but it clicks a little once you read some of the specific findings from Silva’s interviews.

But the point of Silva’s project was less to draw any sweeping conclusions about either this subset of straight MSM, or the population as a whole, than to listen to their stories and compare them to the narratives uncovered by Ward and various other researchers.

Specifically, Silva was trying to understand better the interplay between “normative rural masculinity” — the set of mores and norms that defines what it means to be a rural man — and these men’s sexual encounters.

But when I watch porn, I want fantasy, I want sensuality, I want real orgasms, soft touches, all the type of stuff that's much more easy to find in lesbian porn than it is to find in straight porn.