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Sweet home alabama dating show paige

Right Former ambassador for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, Paige Duke, 26, is the lucky lady who’ll be wooed by 22 bachelors in the new season. CMT released the details about the bachelors vying for Paige’s affections on Monday. PHOTOS: CMT Awards Red Carpet The city bachelors: Christian Lopez, 27 – Professional baseball player from Miami, Fla.

It’s just very emotional for me, and things that brought tears on the show will bring tears again. It’s very surreal, and I’m so thankful for it because I’ve met the love of my life on this show.“It probably is the best experience I’ve ever had in my life,” he said.The latest crop of guys might be focused on getting the girl.The guy who didn’t get the girl on “Sweet Home Alabama” has a book about how to treat a lady?Why would anyone want to hear the runner-up’s strategy?Codes are things you can aspire to, not rules that tell you what not to do, or when you should be feeling guilty because you caved in.”Chapter headings are in line with Thompson’s direct approach: “The Answer is Faith,” “Look Them in the Eye and Speak from the Heart,” “Don’t Get Caught in the Drama,” “Living by Your Word” and “The Horse That Bucks is Always Gonna Buck.”Thompson’s ideal isn’t abstract: It’s rooted directly in a code promoted by the singer and movie star Gene Autry in the 1940s.

Thompson’s interpretation of how that should apply to the modern world, and to romance, forms a significant part of the book – but hardly all of it.

Matt Beard, 29 – Mechanic/Drag racer from Satsuma, Ala.

Seth Tidwell, 24 – Promotions company owner from Murfreesboro, Tenn.

“What I am saying is, all games are bad,” he writes.

“Living life by saying what you fee, and acting on it – that is a code, not a rule.

Expect some surprises about Shaun Bigos, the abrasive New Yorker who made a sport out of getting on the nerves of Thompson and the show’s other Southerners.