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Tall intimidating

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For tall women who feel insecure about their height, Casey Bond, a 5-foot-9 content manager at Consumer Track offers this piece of advice: “Sometimes you have to ‘fake it ‘til you make it.’”It was this mentality that helped Bond feel more comfortable at a recent business dinner with a group of very petite coworkers.

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If you think for a second that you being 6" taller then me is intimidating you are SADLY mistaken". If someone is making a commotion near you, you do not look over?"Motivation is what gets you started - habit is what keeps you going." by getnfit4me ===================================== Fit/Public Journals.html?Owner=darrett Yeah, 6'1" is about the perfect height, tall enough so women think you're hot, but not tall enough to stick out in a crowd.“As a result, I've had to boost up my professionalism both on the phone and in person to make up for my apparent immaturity.As a result, I speak up more than my taller friends in social settings.”So, if you want to be successful, forget how tall you are relative to those around you in the office, especially men.“What a woman does with her height and whether she embodies her full height will determine her experience of confidence, power, and success at work and in life,” Jakubecy says. That's why we offer a variety of great tools and resources to help you make better-informed career decisions.Anytime there is a commotion people are going to look.

Maybe he wasnt try to be intimidating, but if it was me and I just looked and you said something pretty snarky to me, I would say something back too.

He turns around and looks at me like he's getting ready to say something.

I tell him he needs to mind his own business and keep moving.

Maybe it's just me I look tomake sure what ever is going on does not spill over to affect me.

Of course this guy responded to your aggressive comment, remember that 6 foot plus guy might be a bigger bad a$$ then you and talking that smack to the wrong person could get you and maybe your wife into allot of trouble.

What an easy ice breaker when you’re networking -- use it to your advantage!