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Tell me about yourself dating questions

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This is one of the most typical interview questions, so it’s important that you’ve thought about your answer.

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Show that you have a good understanding of the role and what is required by speaking about how it aligns with your personal career goals.If you’re part of a sports team or community group, this is a great thing to mention as it shows that you can work in a team or enjoy helping others.If you enjoy reading industry blogs or watching webinars on the weekend, it’s great to mention this too. Cycling, watching the cricket or trying out new recipes are all good enough answers!This question gives you the perfect opportunity to show why you are suited to the job.Bear in mind that it’s likely that other candidates have the same or similar qualifications as you, so here you need to show what makes you different, and what skills you can bring to the role that maybe others can’t.Suggest a range of pay you would be happy with, but do not name a specific amount.

Do your research into the industry and what other companies pay their employees for the same role to inform your answer before the interview.

Instead, contextualise your ambitions to fit in with the role and company as this will show the interviewer that you are committed and driven.

The worst thing to do when faced with this question is to speak about your current employer or colleagues in a negative way.

Here, the interviewer is looking to get a sense of what you’re like as a person and get an overview of your experience and work history.

Keep it short and sweet and focus on the elements you really want to talk about, do not simply regurgitate the work history on your CV.

You may be familiar with the expression ‘Fail to prepare, prepare to fail’- this could not be more true when it comes to interviews!