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Thai girl sex chart

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(Somehow nobody is vehemently defending the reputation of Thai men touted as the world’s top cheaters in the men’s division. ) Hence The Nation’ headline that quickly followed: “Thai infidelity claim brings strong denials.” It reported at 1am of August 29, 2012 that the Durex survey “has been challenged by local medical and gender groups.” “…

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Her: I dont want to repeat such things (blush) Me: haha I will So I have my cock in your mouth, and you are sucking it, trying to make me cum It’s at this moment that I feel like I completely possess you. If 6 in 10 Thai women are adulterous, while 3 don’t have a husband to cheat on, that leaves 1 in 10 being truly faithful in the religious sense of the word.I know quite a few Thai women (girlfriends and old classmates) in their late 30’s and early 40’s who probably have never had sex, never been kissed till they were 30 or ever, who are still husbandless, boyfriendless, and very likely sexless.With the still prevalent old practice of culture, and the ubiquitous sex-for-sale (mostly for men) in massage parlors, clubs, brothels and all manners of establishments, who is kidding whom here?I’m not saying Thai women are all prim and proper and would never cheat for that would be delusional. it’s difficult to describe in words but seeing the beauty of your face seeing the girl of your character and emotional depth Her: then? You feel owned You can’t believe you’ve done it, and can’t believe how exciting it felt Mostly, you feel satisfied.

then I feel all of the pressure building up, and I know I am about to come I pull out, holding my cock near your face You know what’s next. You open your mouth, try to bend your head forwards to get my cock inside you again underneath me I can feel your body squirming, trying to get something from me then I come I splash it over your face Some of it goes into your mouth, some on your cheek, a little bit on your forehead For you, it feels hot and exciting. Not talking, just comfortable the end 😉 Her: what do you feel?

True or not, statistics has been thrown at the media like a juicy piece of bone.

It bears repeating: 59% of Thai women are unfaithful compared to 54% of Thai men who fool around behind the back of their spouse or lover.

A latter stage of Long Game is to get the girl crossing the sexual rubicon before she meets you for the date. We’ve already drunk one glass each There’s some soft jazz music in the background the lights are dim Tell me what you are wearing Her: continue… I am wearing a dress..(should I start form dress or from underwear? You want to know what I see It makes you feel closer to me. Then licking up and down the length You look up at me, to check I like it I do 😀 You take great care and pride in your work. I appreciate that You don’t need to think about what you are doing.

You want to get all of the LMR out of the way, all of the hurdles cleared, before you meet again. 🙂 0 Me: Your dress will be coming off quite quickly, so start with that Her: ok.. But also, it makes you feel more sexy I grab both of your arms.

Then you break, and grab me passionately, kissing hard rubbing yourself against my hand Her: then.. kissing you all over, slowly..enjoying every millimeter of you..(sorry for my spelling 🙂 ) Me: So, what are you thinking now? To feel the pleasure, to feel the satisfaction of my temporary loss of control a loss of control that only you can create (in reality, I’d cum inside you, but this is imagination so I’m gonna be a bit wilder, ok?