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The rapper the game on a dating show

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The pair split when she filed a police report last year alleging The Game physically attacked her after an argument. So far, The Game and Rainey have not mentioned the lawsuit on their social media accounts, though she has been promoting the upcoming reality show on Twitter and Instagram.Gossip Cop has reached out to a rep for “She’s Got Game” for a comment, but has yet to hear back.

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On the same day, I liked a few of your pictures, I liked some of Rihanna's, and two of Beyoncé's. You get out, you know and she kicks you to the curb and then you realize what a great woman you had."Wendy asked, "Do you want to get married? I want to be someone's husband, but I want to be everything for that woman.The bride-to-be proudly showed off her diamond ring to E!News at an event a few weeks later and revealed that a wedding date had already been set—but she wanted to keep those details a secret.In true nature, he will be surrounded by a plethora of attractive women all vying to “win his heart”. This seems extremely reminiscent of “The Flavor of Love,” where you had 50 year old Flavor Flav as the self-proclaimed, “The Blackchelor” which to the slower folk, is a play on words to mean the black bachelor.Whether it seemed creepy, nasty even, we’d be remiss to not credit Flav for being a pioneer of urban reality shows that have been airing on VH1 this past decade.Just off the top of my head I can remember his dating show resulted in the spinoff of another dating show that centered around “New York” which was a contestant on his “Flavor of Love.” Then New York’s dating show resulted in another spinoff with a contestant from her show named “Real” and “Chance” to have their own dating show called “Real Chance of Love,” how convenient!

Anyway, I just felt Flav never got his just due for being the trailblazer of all these shows we see on VH1.

The Game had his dating show derailed a few days ago when his TV crew went on strike after the rapper pulled a loaded gun when cameras were rolling ... Game is doing a show called "She's Got Game," in which he searches for true love.

That search took him to New Orleans earlier this month, where they filmed in a nightclub.

Last month, the rapper became involved in an altercation during a Hollywood pro-am basketball game.

Game and another player got in a heated argument that resulted in the former throwing a punch; however, his representatives claim that Game was defending himself, and that the other man had threatened to retrieve a gun from his gym bag.

“Relationships are hard," says Susan Levison, VH1's executive vice president of original programming and production.