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Map updated with location of Cypress (north) - the blue spot - on the 2nd floor.Description: The best way to get there from the parking lot is to walk up the set of stairs that are facing the parking lot, walk toward the "Student Services Center" sign, and then keep walking in that direction until you get to "Meeting Rooms." Then look for Cypress (north) room.

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If someone showed up with an HTC Vive, do you think you could hook it up right there and show some live streaming in the goggles?As I don't have the hand controllers, I'll probably spend more time trying to get the shader pack working on my laptop. UPDATED: Confirmed that parking in Tresidder parking lot is free after 4pm.The areas are the following: (1) algebra & geometry, (2) Algebra II, (3) trigonometry, (4) advanced math & calculus, and (5) statistics, data analysis, probability. You will be given a maximum of 2 minutes to answer each question.Each round will require that the team submit no more than 5 questions of a given area (color) up to a maximum of 24 questions per team. There are three divisions of Ciphering: Junior Division Ciphering consisting of Algebra II and Geometry; Intermediate Division Ciphering consisting of Probability and Statistics, College Algebra, and Pre-calculus and Trigonometry; and Advanced Ciphering consisting of all Intermediate Ciphering topics and Calculus. If you answer the question correctly within one minute, you get 4 points. Date/time: Tuesday, Feb 28, 6pm - pm Location: Stanford campus, Tresidder bldg, Cypress room (North) Parking: Tresidder Parking Lot is directly south of Tresidder, about a 3 min walk from where we're doing the meetup. The RICOH THETA Unofficial Guide (free resource site with forum, blog, You Tube, Git Hub and more) hosts a bi-monthly meetup. The second talk will highlight the RICOH THETA Unofficial Guide as a community resource accessible to all that encourages learning and experimentation, not just for technologists, with VR technologies. Insta VR is a venture-funded startup used by over 10,000 companies around the world.

It generally focuses on developer topics (the camera has an open API) surrounding the RICOH THETA camera. After receiving a $2 million Series A round led by The Venture Reality Fund late last year, they’ve expanded their business and community activities to take advantage of the explosive growth in the VR market.

The Hustle will consist of a team of up to 4 students.

The members of the team can include no more than two students from any of the three ciphering divisions.

This meetup will give you insight into Insta VR, a company that is currently making money and seeing explosive business growth in the VR space.

Companies like Streambox, mimo Live and Everywoah are making money on Streaming 360 video.

Students may not talk but may return an answer to the previous seat if they believe the value is wrong and want it to be checked.