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Things dating people do

Swipe right on people from work just to see if they fancy you.20.

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Like tell them about the time you lived in Argentina for four months, when it was actually three days.27.Get annoyed when a date you didn't even like doesn't get in contact with you again.35.And contact them even though you didn't even like them because your ego is feeling bruised.36.And then think about how if something serious actually happens with someone you've liked, that the first time you saw them you were taking a fat shit.3.Silently accuse everyone you’ve not matched with of having rubbish taste.4.Avoid using apps on Friday nights because you want to look like you're out and busy even though you're at home alone in your pyjamas.11.

Use pictures that are from at least a good three years ago.12.

Add a match to Whats App in the hopes that their picture is different to the ones they have on their dating profile.15.

Google a potential date with only useless bits of information like "Ben lawyer london", so you can try and find their Facebook profile.16.

Conceal your phone screen while you're using a dating app in public.13.

Expand your mile radius to get more matches but be annoyed when you find out a match lives too far away from you.14.

Like profiles that are a bit freaky just out of plain curiosity.22.