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Tips for dating after divorce

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If you date 100 people, having one not work out is not as big a deal.It's a numbers game, after all, so if you widen the pool, you'll increase your chances of meeting someone compatible.

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You Will Need Patience and Perseverance I tell people that if you hate dating, date more.One day you may find yourself loving dating and the next, you may want to run and hide yourself away from the world.Dating can feel overwhelming for the first time, even if you are ready. But with the prospect of growing old alone, many people over the age of 45 ultimately start to actively date in the hopes of meeting a suitable companion.It used to be that only "losers" had to look online for a mate.It's better to have some wise advice under your belt in order to avoid unnecessary strife and heartache.

Jason Mc Clain, urges you to reach out before dating and spend time with a good counselor or best friend to air out your feelings.

When my ex and I first separated, it felt exciting to date and also, a bit like dodging bullets.

Heed these expert dating tips offered to you by myself and Jason Mc Clain - speaker, mentor, and life coach - before you go off into the wild yonder of dating after divorce.

Dating after divorce can be a challenge for most singles reentering the dating scene.

In this video, I share my “Top 3 Tips” to help you enter dating again with confidence and ease.

Whatever stage you are in - mating or simply fun dating - just enjoy it!