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Trojan hunter 5 updating little fingers

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Hawk (Aleks Georgijev) Another casualty from the early shake up, Hawk was unfairly and unceremoniously booted from the show at the end of series one.

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According to various tabloid articles, Panther was not invited to the newly revamped Legends Special over fears she would smack Lightning, or possibly kick her in the fanny.She was also stunt co-ordinator on If ever there was a gladiator whose life resembles that of Action Man, it’s Bullit.Before joining the show, he joined the navy as an ‘underwater warfare specialist’ then trained as an engineer, working in the House of Commons as a researcher, and winning two bodybuilding titles.Not much is known of her life in the immediate aftermath of the shake up, apart from an appearance in the 1995 movie Fox earned the title of ‘Gladiator who looks most like a muscly Meryl Streep’ (in my head).After the show, she spent some time in South Africa, where she presented a wide range of TV shows, before returning to the UK and working as a freelance nutritionist and ‘lifestyle consultant’. Gold (Lize Van Der Walt) Gold, originally from South Africa, went on to become a successful artist after the show.Laser (Tina Andrew) As well as appearing in the UK series as Laser, Tina also represented her native South Africa in the international Springbok Challenge. Her son, Michael, is making a name for himself as a competitive swimmer.

Lightning (Kim Betts) Only rivalled by Jet in the popularity stakes, Lightning is best remembered for putting on a winning smile while beating the crap out of people, and also for looking a bit like Jane from Rod, Jane and Freddy.

This would have sparked rumours that Jonsson was fixing the show for Hunter to win, if that was how the show worked at all, and that made any sense.

As it was, the pair just became tabloid fodder for a couple of years.

After she lived in Spain for a while, before returning to the UK, where she runs a successful property business in Staffordshire.

She also takes part in various charity events around the area.

Another gladiator who returned for the revamped Legends Special, Ace lives a relatively quiet life these days, apart from getting a speeding ticket, which somehow managed to become headline news in the Hull Daily Mail.