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Tv operations consolodating

At the time, we were told that the two locations would eventually consolidate.

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Three years ago, its immediate neighbors Kaufman Shoe Repair Supplies and Downtown Floor Supplies – area stalwarts with a combined 100 years at this location – relocated elsewhere in the city, stoking fears of more luxury construction.More specifically, some rooms are earmarked as a temporary “emergency shelter.” “We are currently using rooms in this commercial hotel to shelter homeless New Yorkers who would otherwise be turned […]It’s a different kind of text messaging.The Coleman Skatepark now sports some new flare, courtesy of artist Barbara Kruger.Seven-month-old Simply Hooked – the fish-and-chips joint with aspirations of ocean conservancy – is apparently on the market.The 900 square-foot restaurant is pitched in real estate listings as a catch for […]Back in September, Prema Hair salon was operating on borrowed time.Not to mention, the area homeless population has also taken up residence at the southwest corner of the park in recent months.

So it comes as no surprise that two NYPD flood-light trailers rolled […]For upstart Christopher Marte, the dream is no longer.

The company has been expanding aggressively into developing its own program content and looking for ways to control more content.

It was nine months ago that Shapiro Hardware opened an annex on Great Jones Street.

It later came out that a nine-story development was positioning itself here. Instead, the Landmarks Preservation Commission approved plans by architects Beyer Blinder Belle to restore the existing building at 59 Bleecker, but also replace the non-original “garage” section with a one-story structure that includes alluminum and glass storefronts, plus fixtures for a “bracket sign” (homage to the old).

The building at 59 Bleecker was first constructed in 1921, and housed both a car service station and liquor store (at the same time).

Continuing a trend established years ago – beginning with “Surplus Candy” in 2013 – […]The man who roughed up a retired cop early Saturday morning and ran off with his gun is now in police custody, according to published reports.