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Two sets of twins dating

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“We don’t really trick our friends,” says Kelvin, as he and Alvin enter their chemistry class in matching shirts and jeans.“But when we are apart we do respond to the awkward waves and hugs from people we don’t know, and we usually hug back anyway because we know they probably know our twin.

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"Singing together is something we've always taken pride in as a family," says Dorothy.As they grew, parents Dorothy and Stephen could see their unique intellectual talents unfold and vowed to give them the best education they could. Finally together again, the grateful family found Stephen’s townhouse in Hamilton a very welcoming transition.All well educated and fluent in English, the new arrivals got to work immediately looking into their educational options.The older twins applied to UC for the pre-pharmacy and pre-med programs and the younger twins jumped right into their freshmen year of high school.“We came to America and one week later started school at Hamilton Freshmen High,” says Kelvin.“The Summer Bridge Scholars Program we just completed was great, we learned a lot,” say the younger twins.

“We already learned things that incoming freshman will come to learn, so by the time the semester gets underway we will already know most of what we need through our first academic year.

"We all sing in the choir at our church in Fairfield and three of the boys even play instruments at King’s House Christian Center." By the time they graduated high school, the younger twins had given inspirational speeches about their story to the Hamilton Rotary Club and at Stephen T. Bringing this talent to UC is one way the Manteys hope to show their appreciation, crediting God as the reason for their success.

Baden High School on "why perspective matters.” In gratitude for speaking at a special ceremony in Hamilton on the National Day of Prayer, U. Congressman Warren Davidson presented the young Manteys with a flag that had been flown over the U. Their goal is to someday give back and make a positive impact on society. The Mantey family’s loving mantra about faith in Christ, perseverance, and achieving against the odds eventually attracted the attention of the Hamilton (Ohio) Community Foundation Scholarship committee, endowed by UC College of Law alums Nathaniel and Paula Lampley.

In back, first-year Bearcats Kelvin and Alvin Mantey.

photo/Joseph Fuqua II/UC Creative Services By Melanie Schefft 513-556-5213 Photos provided and by Joseph Fuqua II/UC Creative Services Aug.

In front, Nathaniel and Paula Lampley sit with Dorothy and Stephen Mantey.