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Ukraine dating scam list

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The man met a number of ladies on the tour and had no problems with any other agencies or ladies and confirmed that he was waiting for the ladies as per the trip itinerary and had no contact from this agent about the meetings being cancelled.This lady and agency have been reported to the relevant authorities.

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She then told the man that she would continue to translate for the man for free because the girl actually did like him.We want men to use this site and feel assured that we will support them and investigate anything that they see as unusual or suspicious.Similarly, we want to protect the ladies that use this site against those agencies who are only using their profile to make money.He and his wife were writing the letters and in a letter to a man asked him to send money urgently to her mother who was very sick.The lady said that her mothers name was Oksana Sklyarova who is actually the agency owners wife.The ladies did not turn up to the scheduled meetings.

The agency manager said that the man changed his mind about the meetings.

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This man had his own agency and was adding ladies from other sites to build up his agency listing.

All men have been refunded and the agent has been listed as a scammer Ajour agency moved to the scam list because of the many complaints from men about silly letters, fake chat, copied emails from other profiles, inability to get any response from the managers of the agency This agency is a scammer!