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Unexpected error occurred while updating required files

unexpected error occurred while updating required files-5

It is possible that the Java class was created from a damaged class file, in which case the CREATE should be reattempted with a correct class file.In that case, the class needs to be created with a resolver. If the CSS was not started, start it and then retry the database startup.

Check your initialization parameter files and correct the value of the ACTIVE_INSTANCE_COUNT parameter."ACTIVE_SESS_POOL_P1", "QUEUEING_P1", "PARALLEL_DEGREE_LIMIT_P1", "SWITCH_P1", "SWITCH_P2", "SWITCH_P3", "MAX_EST_EXEC_TIME", "UNDO_POOL" An attempt was made to delete a subtree that includes a plan or consumer group that is part of more than one top-plan as part of procedure DELETE_PLAN_CASCADE or package DBMS_RESOURCE_MANAGER. An invalid user name was specified as argument to procedure SET_INITIAL_CONSUMER_GROUP of package DBMS_RESOURCE_MANAGER or SWITCH_CONSUMER_GROUP_FOR_USER of package DBMS_SYSTEM or the specified user was not logged on.It is possible that an attempt was made to create the Java class from a damaged class file, in which case the CREATE should be reattempted with a correct class file.Make sure the name begins with a letter, contains only letters, digits and underscore and contains no more than 30 characters.An attempt was made to drop a level using the default or RESTRICT option in a dimension while references to that level remain in the dimension.The value of index1 was greater than the value for index2 in the call to bind_array.

This is illegal since the elements of the table that will be bound are those with indexes greater than or equal to index1 and less than or equal to index2. In other words tab.exists(index1) and tab.exists(index2) must both return true.

To associate statitics with a system-managed domain index, issue ASSOCIATE STATISTICS command with the indextype of this domain index.

Either an ASSOCIATE STATISTICS WITH SYSTEM MANAGED STORAGE TABLES command was issued with an indextype which is not system-managed, or an ASSOCIATE STATISTICS command was issued with an indextype which is system-managed.

If you are configuring a two node primary/secondary cluster database, set this value to 1.

Otherwise, do not specify any value for the parameter.

A file rename attempt was refused by the operating system either because the source or destination directory does not exist or is inaccessible, or the source file isn't accessible, or the destination file exists. (2) This user is specified in the TTS_OWNER list, but this user does not own any data in the transportable set.