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Updating blackberry mac

updating blackberry mac-11

Software problems in the Black Berry may be responsible for the Mac not recognizing the phone as a drive. Click the "Apple" menu and then click "About this Mac" and "More Info." Expand the "Hardware" option in the Content pane and click "USB." Expand the "USB Bus" branches on the USB Device Tree until you find an entry marked "Black Berry Smartphone" or "RIM Composite Device." Click the entry to see information about the device, including the PID.If the PID is 0x0001 or 0x8001, then a problem with the Black Berry is the issue.

If you can't fix the problem, solutions like the desktop software, Bluetooth and cloud services provide other file-transfer options.Note that installing this software also requires a restart of your Mac and disables all other Black Berry syncing software installed on your machine.This means Pocket Mac for Black Berry or The Missing Sync, will no longer be able to connect to your device and will not work until Black Berry Desktop Manager is uninstalled.It's unbelievable that it's taken RIM so long to Black Berry Desktop Manager for Mac and depending on your individual experience, you may not think it was worth the wait.Black Berry now offers the option to install Black Berry Device Manager without the Desktop Manger application.With Black Berry, unfortunately, you can no longer use the following method unless you pay for Google Apps for Business.

Clearly, you are unlikely to do that for this reason alone, but if your business uses Google Apps the following should work: Your contacts data is now in your i Phone (as well as your Gmail account, should you wish to access it from your PC).

Black Berry Desktop Manager for Mac is supposed to allow Mac users to easily sync data from popular applications like i Cal, Address Book, Microsoft Entourage and others.

It also allows you to add and remove applications, schedule automatic backups, encrypt backup files and install software updates for your Black Berry smartphone.

from a new Black Berry 10 device to a new i Phone 6 or newer, or from an older Black Berry phone to any i Phone.

The process is more involved than you might think, but our tips work for i OS 8, 9 and 10 and earlier versions of i OS too.

There is a PC version of the Black Berry desktop software, too. In Black Berry desktop, go to Device, Backup, and then back up your Black Berry. Now connect your i Phone to your Mac and launch i Tunes.