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Updating cell phone reception

Construction projects, traffic, or other events may cause actual conditions to differ from these results.

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In these areas, the signal should be strong enough for on-street or in-the-open coverage, but may not be sufficient for in-vehicle or in-building coverage.HD Voice provides superior audio clarity and enhanced background noise reduction.HD Voice requires both parties on the call to be located within Consumer Cellular HD Voice coverage with a compatible device and properly provisioned account.This brings us to the biggest problem: device availability.Because 600MHz is a new spectrum for cellphone networks, no current devices have radios that support it.Consumer Cellular is not responsible for third party network availability or performance.

To access coverage in the areas shown in a striped pattern, you'll need a capable device and eligible rate plan.

We’ve already heard reliable rumors that the i Phone 8 won’t support any particularly exciting new wireless technologies like millimeter-wave 5G, and there’s a decent chance that it won’t even support 600Mhz.

That means i Phone users will have to wait until the end of 2018 to get a device compatible with T-Mobile’s new network. Most flagship Android devices use Qualcomm’s latest chipset, which is currently the Snapdragon 835.

Shading represents coverage areas that should be sufficient for on-street, in-the-open, and some in-building coverage.

Dark orange areas depict High-Definition (HD) Voice coverage, also called wideband voice.

T-Mobile is bored of being the butt of jokes about bad cell service, and it’s spending billions of dollars over the next couple years to change things.