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Updating contact info in outlook

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You can find more details about that method in the guide: Search and Replace for Contact fields.If you want a more direct or advanced approach within Outlook itself, then you can also use a Search and Replace add-in.

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Having asked for technical help only twice in the last few years, another reason has become clear.Nothing came close to the formatting I need for saving files to my computer like I experienced with Windows Mail.However, I am so grateful to the team member who helped me set up my new OE Classic Pro version that I want other potential customers to know about this excellent service and the speed of responding is beyond belief. Now, I can save my mail files to my computer exactly like I did before with Windows Mail and know that I am using a reliable and updated email program. Tucson, AZ, USA It's really refreshing to receive accurate support on such a timely basis!There is little to add to all the bloggers who praised you to heaven!Anyway, a great thanx from all the way out of Ushuaia, Argentina.The ultimate goal of OE Classic is to be an easy to use, fast, small and secure program with lots of power features and yet, easy to use for a beginner.

Your data always belongs to you as it is stored in a public-domain format and there are no storage size limits.

So for our example of updating the Business Address that would be; Now you’ll see that all your contacts are grouped by the “Business Address” field.

Select the contacts who still have the old address and drag & drop them into the group of your updated contact.

Outlook will automatically update the Business Address field for all those contacts.

As an alternative, you could also drag the group header of the old address and drop that on the group header of the new address to update all the contacts in that group.

One could only wish all programmers would be that straight forward and honest. Best regards, Henk Boersma Ushuaia, Argentina The "creators" of this version of OE6 told me several years ago, that Microsoft OE6 refuses to install on WIN7 and later because the newer DLLs in the Windows folder are no longer compatible with OE.