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Updating jeppeson database

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What if I lose my micro SD card or would like to have an extra one?Do all database updates go on the same micro SD card that came with my Evolution Flight Display?

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For operators without Evolution Synthetic Vision, what does the new terrain database offer? ) What is this new Chart & Diagram offering for Aspen MFDs from Seattle Avionics Software? Are there any planned additional regional product availability and dates?Back to top How do I get updates to the Jeppesen data? Jeppesen data is pre-loaded onto the micro SD card that is shipped with the MFD unit. Jeppesen provides the first three consecutive months (three 28-day cycles) of Jeppesen updates to Aspen customers for free.To activate this promotion, register your Aspen product on our Customer Port: 3.If one-stop shopping for your database updates sounds too good to be true, well, you’re still mostly right.But for some owners, the time has arrived, thanks to a program from Jeppesen and Garmin called Pilot Pak that lets select owners pay for one database subscription and install it on all of their panel-mount units.The idea is not new — owners of Cirrus airplanes, among others, with dual Garmin GNS430s have gotten discounted pricing for several years, but a broader program has been remarkably difficult to implement.

Jeppesen’s Tim Howard, senior manager of OEM business, told that the project took months of behind the scenes work to accomplish, in part because of the sheer numbers of combinations of avionics and databases involved, and that was with one company and a limited number of its products at that.

Clarification Question: Does my Aspen installation qualify to receive the new Jeppesen terrain?

If you have a single display installation (Pilot or Pro PFD) WITHOUT synthetic vision, then you do NOT require the new terrain update.

This FAQ page will hopefully answer most of your questions regarding the available databases. When will Evolution Synthetic Vision be available for Europe, Canada, Alaska, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Japan, Brunei, etc?

What resolution data is used to render the Evolution Synthetic Vision images?

Do I need a new 16GB micro SD card to use the new charts and diagrams service?