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Updating kitchen cabinets with moulding

updating kitchen cabinets with moulding-21

If you want a better finish on the front of your doors, you will want to add filler to the door.Once the filler had dried, we then sanded every door with #220 grit sandpaper.

Then I took the boards to the miter saw and cut right next to the line. Then take a dry cloth and wipe both MDF strips and cabinet door, this will remove dust to help the liquid nails adhere. Move along the same side and place more nails, making sure everything is flush as you go. Then taking a pencil, I marked the strip right about the other trim piece ( Which I normally did with every piece.The example below was the piece I cut that had the biggest gap.Once the pieces fit perfectly, wipe everything with a dry cloth and attach the pieces the same way as the side pieces ( Please follow the method of using the cabinet door as the guide to get the same look as the doors shown.After adding the trim pieces to all the cabinet doors, sand the edges of the trim to make everything even.See picture below for the before and after sanding.After sanding reapply wood filler where it needs to be added again. When everything was sanded smooth again, I took a vacuum to all the doors and then wiped with a dry cloth.

Next was applying caulk to the inside of the door where the new trim hits the door.

Now it’s time to fill in all the holes and gaps with wood filler.

), we filled in all the nail holes and the sides of the cabinet doors where the trim meets against the door, plus where the trim pieces meet on the front of the door.

In the end, we decided to You have probably seen tutorials on how to DIY a shaker style cabinet door because I have and I used their tutorial to start my updates, like this one or this one.

But something that worried me about their tutorials was using 1/4″ plywood.

Who loves the look of the classic shaker style cabinet doors? But I could not bring myself to rip out these solid wood cabinets, plus I did not want to spend the money on new ones.