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Updating office xp

updating office xp-46

On the page how to optimize the Windows services, you can read how to disable the Security Center.

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To delete the undo files, remove all the hidden folders starting with a "$" in the folder C:\WINDOWS (this can free a lot of hard disk space!) The folder $hf_mig$ is the only exception to this rule.It is advised to keep this folder as it is, although removing it doesn't result in problems.You can download (and install) the Service Pack files directly from the Windows Update site or download the Service Pack file first from the Microsoft download centre (You can directly install the latest service pack, there is no need to install the previous service pack's!You will find updates for the Media Player, Outlook Express, Direct X . After you installed the optional Windows updates, reboot and check the Windows Update website again until all needed optional and all critical Windows Updates are installed!

You are also able to download updated drivers for the hardware.

After you have installed Windows, the device drivers, a firewall and setup the internet connection, the first thing to do is updating the Windows software.

Updating Windows is actually very easy, first you visit the Windows Update website: Start, All Programs, Windows Update (or visit the Windows Update website with the following link:

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That's why you better install one device driver update at a time.