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Updating palm os

updating palm os-81

So, in effect, if you lose the data on one of these devices through a catastrophic event (e.g., hard drive failure), the data will be restored to that device from the other device during your next Hot Sync. You may wish to back up this file as an added precaution in case of hardware failure.However, you may wish to backup your files as an additional precaution: Handheld Each time you perform a Hot Sync, your Splash ID database file (PDB) on the handheld is copied to the Palm Backup folder on your desktop, C:\Program Files\Palm\\Backup\. In the event of a hard reset, this PDB will be automatically restored on your handheld during the next Hot Sync.

Replace the file in the new folder with the one from the old folder.Choose one of the following methods that works best for you.Before performing any of the following steps, it is recommended that you download and install the latest version of Splash ID.Once you set a password in Splash ID, the data is encrypted using 256-bit blowfish encryption on both the handheld and the desktop.The password is also encrypted within the data file.After installing Palm Desktop on the new desktop computer, you must download and install the same version of Splash ID you were using previously: How do I backup my data?

Splash ID data is stored on both the handheld and the desktop, and each acts as a backup of the other.

The default Splash ID Conduit settings to "Synchronize the files" will work fine on each desktop. How do I copy my Splash ID data from the old handheld to the new handheld?

There are several ways you can transfer the Splash ID data from your old handheld to your new one.

How does the trial version differ from the regular version?

The trial version and regular version are identical.

If you are updating to Splash ID 4, please be aware that it is a $10 upgrade, free to try for 30 days.