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Updating to 8 10

updating to 8 10-52

You don't need to tho that to the alias since it's only an alias.The name of the folder depends of the installation version of mysql that you have.

updating to 8 10-30updating to 8 10-81updating to 8 10-30updating to 8 10-71

I have been exploring different methods of editing/updating a record within Entity Framework 5 in an ASP.I tried to "cheat" by not cleaning up all the things brew doctor warned me about since I thought they didn't make a difference.In the end, cleaning up and following brew doctors advice made it possible to run through the setup described above. I copied the entire lampp folder from /opt to a new server.It has ownership changed to mysql for the directory "data", but not to "var"; this is unusual because for years I have had to ensure that var directory was mysql writable.So I manually ran and then attempted to start it again. But worse, no file in the var dir - it was in the "data" dir!sudo mkdir /var/mysql sudo ln -s /tmp//var/mysql/Well Done : ) This Help me A LOT!

i took this guide from the guys on The problem is a permissions one, it can't start because it can't write to because its owned by someone else.

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So a note to anyone else passing by; don't try to cheat the brew doctor and think you know better! When I tried to start up mysql I got a message: The server quit without updating PID file.

Go to lampp/var/ and do chown -R mysql mysql/ That worked for me!

Well, I assume the OP has fixed it at this point...