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Updating xbox without internet

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You don't even need an Xbox Live Gold account to get started.And, since the game is designed around creating new games and the Project Spark community have been busy working on original user-generated content for the last couple of months, there's already tonnes of stuff to try out or collaborate on.

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It's changed massively in that short space of time, too.It's hard to keep up with every little thing that the system can do when you're concentrating on the important stuff like, oh, playing games, so we've gone ahead and done a little research.From convenient short-cuts to little-known freebies, here are 41 must-know tips and tricks to squeezing every last bit of value out of the One.Setting up a console used to be pretty straightforward, but with the Xbox One's host of new and exciting features, making sure that Microsoft's latest console is set up properly takes a little bit of time.So if you've just unpacked a brand new Xbox One, check out our video below which takes you through the process of setting up the Xbox One, allowing you to get online and start playing as quickly as possible.So, after downloading the app on the Xbox Store (you can say "Xbox, Bing Skype" to bring up a shortcut to the download) you can hook up with up to nine of your friends and video chat in full 1080p.

Download the Xbox Fitness app and, if you have an Xbox Live Gold account, you'll have access to a number of different introductory workouts free of charge for the next six months, including programmes by Jillian Michaels, Tracey Anderson and Shaun T of Insanity infamy.

Taking a screenshot on Xbox One was impossible when the console first came out and the feature took a while to appear.

However, as of March 2015 it's now possible for anyone to take Xbox One screenshots without having to faff with external boxes.

It helps you track down specific shows and lets you know which of your console's apps you can find them on.

So, say for example you were to say "Xbox, Bing Ru Paul's Drag Race" - a link to the show on Netflix will appear in the search results, and if you already have the Netflix app installed to the console, you can jump straight to watching the show from that shortcut. If you've done something cool in a game, or encountered something funny that you want to share with the internet collective, saying "Xbox, record that" will retroactively record and save a clip of the last thirty seconds of gameplay.

Not only can you set up, record and broadcast a livestream without the need for any additional equipment, or even the need to take your hands off of your controller, but the Xbox One version is the only console that'll allow you to watch games and streams recorded from other platforms.