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Updating your fireplace

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Have you been wanting to make a change, but can’t afford a full fireplace makeover?If so, then get ready to give your fireplace a swift kick in the ash…Most brass surrounds have pieces that are removable.

If your stone/brick doesn’t change colour, it has likely already been sealed. You may notice that there are many woods, furniture styles, stones and clothing fads that keep coming back in style, however, you don’t see many bricks being resurrected from the record books.While the cost initially is a little shocking ($15 – $20 sq ft locally) when you weigh it against removing your existing tile, repairing the drywall (or installing new drywall) and THEN installing the tile – it really balances out.Whether you have old brick, modern river rock or a 1980’s black slate hearth, these are all products that can change colour/tone when sealed.On the otherhand, if it’s white and you’re looking to make a change, painting it a dramatic colour can add some instant impact to your space.Either way, here’s what you need to do…Kylie M Interiors Step 1 Sand it.While you can apply lacquer/varathane as a finishing coat, I personally haven’t found it necessary as this product has held up very well on many different surfaces in my home.

These tiles were installed OVER the old porcelain tile – no muss no fuss!

My advice is based on personal ‘hands-on’ experience and I am not a tradesperson nor an employee of a paint/hardware store – I’m just a crazy lil’ Ginger who likes to paint stuff!

Updating a red brick fireplace provides a visual lift to an entire room.

You’ll save yourself a lot of work doing it this way rather than cutting in ALL of the grout lines first and then rolling.

Via Design Lotus And with all of these update ideas, it never hurts to get a 2nd opinion if you are unsure of any of the above.

You aren’t ‘sanding it down’ you are ‘scuffing it up’.